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DAM.G (pronounced “damage”) is a rock band based in north west England with music influenced music is heavily influenced by the anime/Japanese rock.

They mix these influences with modern metal subgenres to create something new.

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DrØnes ’72

Fuelled by a mutual passion for rock, in all its expressions and variations, the four members of Drønes ’72 (three Italians with a German drummer) started to play together in 2015. All members of the expat community in Brussels, they first met up by chance in a rehearsal studio. After some hours of loud improvised music with a very fuzzy and distorted sound, it became clear that there was something to pursue further and a sound to share.

Without much need to reflect further, they had already become Drønes ’72 and started to play gigs in Brussels and around. The name of the band brings together a retrospective look (1972 is the year of the Munich Olympics, symbol of great expectations, broken dreams and great resilience) and a forward look to the new frontiers of human knowledge – with the underlying idea that music should try to synthesise opposites, sew ties between past memories, dreams, and wishes for the future, and reach out to the widest possible public.

The band members quickly consolidated the respective musical backgrounds and inspirations to define a new original sound and release their first studio work: “Whispers never stop – Vol. 1”, available on major music portals (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, BandCamp, SoundCloud) since September 2017. Whispers never stop – Vol. 1 is an ode to resilience. It contains four original tracks and two live bonus recordings. The lyrics intersect different feelings and perspectives, for the most linked to life at the Brussels latitude. Songs explore a variety of sounds, swinging between indie and alternative rock, which sometimes fall into sweeter rock melodies that then go up loud again, ending into a more aggressive beat and fuzz-hinged sound.

The songs were written during the crazy days of the Brussels “anti-terrorism lock down” and were recorded right then, at the Zinne Studio in Ixelles, while the rest of the city was holding its breathe for the terrorist hunt by police, military and special forces, after the attacks at the Bataclan. In “Bubble Capital Town”, truly a hymn to resilience, the band describes the days of the lockdown and the efforts to keep living life as nothing was happening around, with people very slowly getting back to the streets and in their offices, in what had become an all-of-the-sudden militarised city. The second EP, Whispers Never Stop – Vol. 2, was recorded at the Jet Studio in Brussels in December 2018 and was released on 1 March 2019. In May 2019, a live recorded single was published with the original song “Walking on a Wire”. In 2022, the band released a radio live recorded unplugged “Panik. Sweat. (Live acoustic at Radio Panik, Brussels)”.

The artwork of all the band’s albums is by kind concession of internationally awarded photographer Giulio Zanni. Band logos and merchandise drawings are by Chinese-ink artist Slavo Lalik. 

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Jez Williams – Doves/Black Rivers

These two pedals are going to Jez Williams from Black Rivers & Doves.

Anyone who knows me, will know how much I love Doves, (also loving their new project Black Rivers) so it’s been an absolute pleasure making these for Jez. If you’ve not heard the band, go check them out!


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Smalltown America Studios

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 14.22.51
About Smalltown America Studios:

We are a recording studio based in Derry in Ireland’s northwest.

Studio A: Audient ASP8024S console, ProTools HD, Logic X and extensive collection of outboard.

Live Room: 815 sq.ft live room including: upright piano; Caravan; Farfisa reed and Lorenzo organs; Nord Lead; three drum kits, a range of guitars and basses and amplification. Large collection of microphones, guitar pedals and effects units.

Studio B: Editing/Demo suite equipped with a Toft ATB16 Console, ProTools 10 & Logic X.

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Tim Wheeler (Ash)

Getting really tooled up for touring now with these new @raygunfx beauties. The Rat is unreal! #Kablammo #fuzzforever

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Tim Wheeler, is a Northern Irish guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist for the rock band Ash, as well as his own solo career.


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Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol / Little Matador)

Nathan Connolly is a Northern Irish musician, who is best known as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for alternative rock band Snow Patrol. In 2013, Connolly formed his own side project called Little Matador.

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Nine Black Alps

Custom pedals for Nine Black Alps
Custom pedals for Nine Black Alps


As well as use our Super Fuzz Bender MKii, Nine Black Alps had 4 Custom MKii’s made up to promote their album ‘Candy for the Clowns’.

Sam Forrest (vocals, guitar)
David Jones (guitar)
James Galley (drums, vocals)
Karl Astbury (bass)

The band were formed in 2003 in Manchester, UK and were quickly signed by Island Records after just a handful of local shows and an almighty scramble amongst the music industry.
After a debut single ‘Cosmopolitan’, Nine Black Alps spent 2004 touring the UK before travelling to Los Angeles to record their debut album ‘Everything Is’ with Rob Schnapf. The success of the album led them to play several large tours in the UK, US, Europe and Japan.

After spending the majority of 2006 touring America, the band recorded their second album ‘Love/Hate’ with Dave Sardy before touring with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Biffy Clyro.

In 2009, Nine Black Alps regrouped to record their third album ‘Locked Out From The Inside’ with Dave Eringa which saw them producing their heaviest work to date.
Following a UK headline tour in October 2009, the band took time out to pursue other projects with Sam Forrest releasing a string of solo albums, David Jones playing live session guitar for The Cribs and Martin Cohen leaving to form his own band Milkmaid.

Nine Black Alps regrouped in Spring 2011 to record their fourth album ‘Sirens’. The album was entirely self-produced and mixed by the band in Yorkshire and offers the clearest vision of Nine Black Alps yet.

‘Sirens’ is the sound of a band that has grown and matured but still contains all the hallmarks of a classicNine Black Alps record which saw the likes of the NME hail their music as, ‘a fantasy fairyland of college rock and surf-pop’ while Kerrang nominated them for the ‘Best New band award’ in 2005.

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Jack Fossett Jack is an independent guitarist, singer and songwriter who plays a unique blend of high flying blues guitar, clean surf harmonic vocals and catchy R&B, blues, pop and surf movements. In 2013, Jack was selected by Joe Bonamassa as one of America’s top 10 undiscovered blues guitarists in Guitar Center’s Blues Masters competition, and performed with Mr. Bonamassa and his band n Los Angeles. Later that year, Jack was also a top 10 finalist in an international contest to record for the Beach Boys. Jack has released three albums and has begun production on more. He also does independent session work, song licensing and songwriting consultation.
I use the Soda Drive and the Super Fuzz Bender MKII
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Red Kadett

“Red Kadett is a solo project taking influence from artists such as The Black Keys, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash and Kings Of Leon to create a distinctive sound that would feel right at home back in the 1960’s as well as today. Performing solo, Red Kadett combines all of this with a loop pedal to create an original live performance.”
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Them Wolves



Them Wolves are: Greg Coates, Stuart-Lee Tovey & Noel Campbell.


_Repost__stuartleetovey_with__repostapp.______raygunfx__guitar__pedals__effects__harmonicpercolator__bigmuff_December_26__2014_at_1047PMBirmingham miscreants unite in a shower of ugly, lurching riffage. Reference points include early 80s sludge and willfully abrasive noise rock (a la The Jesus Lizard & Pissed Jeans). Spotted performing with the likes of Fucked Up, Trash Talk, Dope Body, Blacklisters & Bats before even officially releasing any music, and described as ‘Not just band, more a weapon of mass destruction’ by The Hearing Aid. Expect relentlessly pummelling rhythms, caustic feedback-drenched guitar and alpha-male inadequacy.

Debut EP ‘German For Duke’ is set for release on 24th June 2013 via It’s Just Noise & Distorted Tapes on limited edition screen-printed CD & digital download. Pre-order here:

‘A snarling monster of a debut EP’ – Rock Sound Magazine

“You might not hear a finer noise rock / metal band all year.” – One Beat

“Deranged rock lunacy of the highest order.” – Echos and Dust

“This isn’t just noise, this is fucking salvation.” – The Midlands Rocks

“The bearded terrorists of unmitigated sonic domination aren’t playing their songs, they’re abusively detonating them at point blank range.” – BrumNotes


General Manager

Press Contact
Booking Agent

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Nano Is an exciting new band from Surrey who have recently been signed to Alibi Records, an independent label. Members Matt Honnor, Stephen Clift and Dave Etheridge manage to create a wall of sound that has previously been described as ‘mind blowing’ and ‘ear piercingly impressive’.

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faux“We have a couple of Beef boxes (guitar and bass) and Devil Boost between us”

“Don’t look them in the eyes. Just give them your money, take their musical gifts, and then calmly make your way to safety. You will be rewarded… if not in this life, then maybe in theirs.” –

formed september 2013
there were 2 of us, but now there’s 4

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The Ends

The Ends are four blokes from Canvey Island. Straight out of the Thames estuary mud – loud and brash with added grit. A rebel yell from an alternative ‘Essex’.


Their sweat-drenched guitars have graced hundreds of UK venues. Most recently they impressed crowds all over the country while opening for The Enemy on their sold out UK tour, playing iconic venues such as London’s KOKO, the Birmingham Institute and Manchester Academy.

Their in-your-face, high-energy performances and punk attitude have seen them compared to The Hives, The Clash, Arctic Monkeys and fellow Canvey Islanders Dr. Feelgood.

“Fucking professionals!” – Tom Clarke (The Enemy)

“Like Blur mixed with The Sex Pistols” – James Curran (Head of Music, Absolute Radio)

“Distinctly British” – James Walsh (Starsailor)


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Beautiful Corruption



Beautiful Corruption are a four-piece alt-rock band from Kilkenny.

Having started in January 2013, they have released one Ep, “Blind” and are currently recording a second, smaller, and a lot heavier Ep entitled “Snakes and Ladders”. This summer alone they broke into the festival scene by opening one of the stages at Light Colour Sound, won a battle of the bands competition and played multiple gigs around the south east.

They’re heavily influenced by Queens of The Stone age, The Foo Fighters, and anything else with distorted guitar, loud drums, groovy bass lines and powerful vocals.

They are Oisín (Lead vocals and rhythm guitar) James (Lead guitar and backing vocals) Simon (Drums) and Brandon (Bass).

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ALL BECOMES CLEAR are a rock band from the Lake District, UK.
Founded in January 2014 as a product of a home recording project by Vocalist & Guitarist James Carling.
Bassist Arron Twinney jumped on board and recorded bass tracks for what shall become their debut EP ‘Collisione’.
Through James and Arron’s passion for music and drive to take the project to the next level, Ben Edwards and Callum Gibbons were recruited to transform the songs into band format.




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Escucha formed in Folkestone, Kent in around 2002 and quickly went to work defining their sound, drawing on influences from the Scandinavian punk scene such as Jr Ewing, Selfmindead and Breach, along with the soaring post-rock landscapes of Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Escucha recorded a debut EP and played a handful of shows locally, gaining acclaim for the feral energy of their live performances and the quality of their recording, before disbanding in 2005, following a slow and gradual disillusionment with various aspects of working together and with the music scene as a process.
After 7 years out and with a new back-line and guitarist along for the ride, Escucha reform to inflict their distinctive form of Avant-Garde Punk Rock on the stumbling scene.