Check out some of the Dealers who Stock RAYGUN FX!
-If you would like to stock RAYGUN FX, please get in touch here.

  • Wunjo Guitars

    Wunjo Guitars

    5 Denmark Street,London, WC2H 8LP,UK

  • Hot Wax Guitars

    Hot Wax Guitars

    Created by guitarists and a drummer, for guitarists and drummers! 🎸🥁 Hot Wax delivers the chance to win the hottest prizes and some of the best gear on the market…all with affordable ticket prices and amazing odds. 🔥 Want to play? 🤘

  • Southend Music Exchange

    Southend Music Exchange

    Southend’s Home of Effects Pedals, Guitars and Amps. A brand new Guitar & FX Pedal shop in Southend-on-Sea.If you’re in the area, be sure to go visit the shop and see the awesome collection of Pedals and guitars they have in stock!

  • Wall To Wall Music Livingston

    Wall To Wall Music Livingston

    Your friendly neighbourhood music shop and coffee place! Offering instruments, amps, effects & accessories from both big names and independent makers…Cal & Sarah) opened the shop after years of feeling that the music shop experience was either a) all a bit same-y or b) one where you were pressured into buying things that you didn’t…

  • Boost Guitar Pedals

    Boost Guitar Pedals

    Boost Guitar Pedals is a guitar pedal retailer based in Windsor in the UK. It was founded in 2019 by Jim, a guitar nerd who has spent the last 25 years tinkering with guitars, amps and pedals. Visit:

  • Funny little boxes

    Funny little boxes

    Funny Little Boxes is a small, independent retailer of new, second hand, b-stock and oddball effects pedals. We guarantee affordability for all by never charging more than £100 for any pedal. We champion UK builders of effects pedals and all things pedal related.

  • Mocha Earth

    Mocha Earth

    Mocha Earth Mocha Earth Music is an independently owned and run online music shop, selling quality boutique music gear made by equally independent companies to our fellow musicians in Australia.


  • Break the Machine

    Break the Machine

    THE PEOPLE We are a UK based, family run company retailing guitar effects pedals and accessories online. We don’t work for the man and are not part of a bigger machine. We are dedicated to tone and love what we do. Like what does, for giving us online games we can appreciate and play.  …

  • Northern Stompboxes

    Northern Stompboxes

    “Northern Stompboxes is a specialist guitar effects pedals retailer based in Leeds in the North of England. Founded in 2016, we offer the best and most innovative effects pedals made by small independent suppliers who are as passionate about guitar fx as we are. All our pedals are handcrafted in the UK.”…