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Movember 2015 Raffle!

We’re happy to be part of this awesome fund raiser for Movember with some other great pedal builders, including Toy Room FX, Mojo Stompboxes, Anarchy Audio, SPENDER. Pedals, Macron Music, C&C Cases, Signal Chain & Bondi Effects. And also the guys over at

Go check out the link and get involved! We have donated an Aurora and a Soda Drive  and there’s some great gear up for grabs! 


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Now accepting BACS payments

As an alternative to Paypal or debit/credit cards, you can pay via BACS (Faster Payments / Direct Bank Transfer).

Select pay Via ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ and we will email you our bank information. To help make things easier, please use your order reference number when making the payment.

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Shipping price updates

We’ve lowered the price of shipping Internationally & to Europe!

We have also introduced a cheaper shipping option for all orders under £15.00 (For smaller items like Leads, T-shirts etc)

Please see the table below for new prices:

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Bid for the one off Ecko pedal!

Here’s your chance to own of a kind, hand made Delay/reverb/drive Guitar FX pedal custom made for grunge alt rock band HIGH/LOW and was used heavily on their debut album ‘Stuck in a Void’

The pedal is available to bid on at our ebay page: Ecko Ebay listing

  • Pedal features:
  • LoFi Delay with 2 delay times
  • Drive
  • Tone
  • Volume
  • Speed selector switch

Pedal is in great, full working condition, supplied with box.

This is a complete one off, custom pedal. Own a piece of music history!

Ebay item link:


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The Vintage Tremolo is BACK!


After a long break away, the Vintage Tremolo is back! Now with a new PCB, some tweaks to the circuit and updated graphics, the Tremolo is available for just £60.00

  • 2 controls: Speed (rate) and Depth.
  • 9V DC powered
  • Includes flashing LED in sync with the Tremolo speed.
  • Housed in an aluminium medium pedal case (111mm x 60mm x 45mm)
  • Rubber grip feet
  • Quality clicking Jack input/output
  • Hand Made in the UK
  • True Bypass

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Dual Soda Drive! – £75! Coming Jan 2015

SHIPPING 1st JAN 2015 – Available to order now for a discounted price of £75.00

Raygun FX – DUAL Soda Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal –

Two independent Soda Drive pedals, stacked into one box! use Channel 1 or 2, or Both together!

From a slight Blues drive to full on meaty Distortion, this pedal is great for getting a nice drive from even the cleanest of amps!


  • Volume, Tone and Distortion controls x2!
  • 2 independent channels
  • 2 Footswitches
  • 9v DC Powered
  • True Bypass
  • Guitar or Bass Distortion
  • Hand Made Guitar Fx Pedal
  • Vintage control dials
  • Rubber grip feet
  • Quality jack input/output

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SODA DRIVE – Pedal of the Day

Thanks to Pedal of the Day for featuring the Soda Drive!

Read the full review here:


The newest offering from RayGun FX across the pond in England is the Soda Drive, a small, stylish pedal that can give you a little bit of the Blues or a whole lot of the Rock, and is my first foray into this super-friendly company from the UK. I’ve got a couple of their pedals I’m going to review in the near future, but let’s start it off with this great little Baby Blue drive pedal, shall we?

The controls are nothing new: Volume, Tone and Drive, just about par for any basic overdrive pedal. This difference here is in the sound. There’s nothing in this pedal I would call a “Clean” boost, by any stretch of the words, which I think is just fantastic (let the Boost pedals do the clean boosting, right?). Even at low Drive settings, there’s a rough, slightly overdriven tube amp sound happening, adding a great little bit of bluesy crunch to your tone. Around noon, the drive starts to become more and more prevalent the more you crank it up. By the time it’s maxed out, your amp is so thick and full of sonic gooeyness you don’t know what’s going on, only that you sound better than you ever have before. The Soda Drive produces really warm, old-school tube amp sounds, exactly what you need to jumpstart your playing and bring your overall tone to the perfect peak.

Small, sleek, great design and great sounds, the Soda Drive is an awesome pedal for any collection or pedalboard. Thanks again to Steve and RayGun FX for allowing me to check out a couple of their pedals – stay tuned for more reviews of theirs in the near future, and see what else they have to offer on their website as well!

Volume, Tone and Distortion controls
9v DC Powered
True Bypass
Works with Guitar or Bass
Hand Make Guitar Fx Pedal
Vintage control dials
Rubber grip feet


Submitted by Mike B, Website

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Until 10th October, you can save 10% on all pedals by using the code ‘FUZZ10‘ in the coupon box of the shopping cart. (see screen shot below)

This offer is available worldwide, and we also offer free delivery on orders over £100.00.


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NEW! Soda Drive


Introducing the Soda Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal. From a slight Blues drive to full on meaty Distortion, this pedal is great for getting a nice drive from even the cleanest of amps!


  • Volume, Tone and Distortion
  • 9v DC Powered
  • True Bypass
  • Guitar or Bass Distortion
  • Hand Make Guitar Fx Pedal
  • Vintage control dials
  • Rubber grip feet
  • True Bypass
  • Quality jack input/output



Demo video – (prototype casing)

Quick demo of the Soda Drive on a low gain setting. 

Here’s another clip showing mid gain settings

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NEW! Super Fuzz Bender MKIII

Introducing the upgraded Super Fuzz Bender MKIII – More Fuzz, Tone control and larger enclosure!

Available for £55.00 for a limited time. Offer ends 14th Sept 2014.

Suitable for Fuzz loving fans of Hendrix, Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr and Foo Fighters (debut album) –

  • Controls: Vol, Fuzz, Tone
  • Slight distortion to full on Fuzz
  • Large Enclosure (119mm x 94mm)
  • Guitar or Bass
  • 9v DC Powered
  • Orange LED
  • Vintage control dials
  • Rubber grip feet
  • True Bypass
  • Quality jack input/output
  • Hand made to order

View/Buy Super Fuzz Bender MKIII

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White Rabbit Fuzz available-1st September

Shipping from 1st September! – Pre-Order now for just £50.00



New to Raygun Fx, the White Rabbit Fuzz is a beast in a box.

With the Fuzz turned down it’s a slightly over driven booster with plenty of volume headroom.
Crank the fuzz up and its a Nasty but Thick Fuzz, great for Chords and Solos.


  • Volume, Tone and Fuzz control
  • 9v DC Jack input
  • Standard enclosure size (112mm x 55mm)
  • Rubber feet