Super Fuzz Bender MKII


Made to order - This may take a couple of days to turnaround


Raygun FX – Super Fuzz Bender MKII
Super fuzzy guitar or bass Fuzz Fx Pedal. – Updated May 2018

Suitable for retro fuzz loving fans of Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr, Foo Fighters (debut album), etc

  • Controls: Vol & Fuzz
  • Slight distortion to full on Fuzz
  • 9v DC Powered
  • Rubber grip feet

Check out some of videos of the Super Fuzz bender MKII below – Please note the artwork may vary


  1. josh (verified owner)

    After sitting on the fuzz fence for a while now, I’ve finally found the tone I’ve been after at an excellent price. Very versatile and super easy to dial in. Perfect for that emo/grunge tone of the 90s….superb!

  2. Jonic (verified owner)

    I bought a Fuzz Bender II just before the MKIII came out, but I still love the thing! It makes a perfectly messy low-fi fuzz, reminiscent of “13”-era Graham Coxon.

    I recorded a little instrumental demo through my phone, but you can still here how great this thing sounds:

    There’s also an Aurora LoFi Delay-Verb on that demo, but the main effect in evidence is the fuzz. I’d definitely recommend this pedal. My only reservation is that the foot-switch is a bit stiff, but over time it’ll wear in, I’m sure. That doesn’t change the fact that it sounds great, though!

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