Signal Box


New for 2017! A Simple Booster and Attenuator pedal!

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Looking for a Pedal that can give your Guitar solos a Boost, or the option to go Down in volume? The Signal Box is what you need!

  • Plenty of volume Boost available – Crank it up to give your solos more volume!
  • Attenuate your signal – Turn down your signal before your Amp or other pedals.
  • This can be useful if you have an amp with one channel, as you can run the pedal to drop or boost your volume.


  • One large volume control. Nice and Simple!
    Turn Right to BOOST, Turn Left to Attenuate/Mute
  • True Bypass.
  • 9v DC Powered only (100mA, center negative).
  • Size: 60mm x 111mm x 34mm (1590B Enclosure).
  • Hand Made Booster Attenuator FX pedal.


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