Aurora Lofi Delay V2


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Updated Design coming for 2020!

Designed for lovers of analogue delays, the Aurora V2 provides warm vintage delay tones, 2 delay speeds (Short-medium & long) and the new addition of the Space control, which allows you to send the delay into deeper delays or oscillating feedback using a momentary footswitch!

Mix – Updated blend control
Feedback – Amount of delay repeats
Speed – Time of the delay
Space – Tweaks the amount off the ‘Space’ sustain.

Space (momentary footswitch) – Press and hold the Space footswitch to engage almost infinite feedback, sustaining your delay until you step off the footswitch. From subtle to insane!
Speed Toggle Switch – Go between Short and Long delay speeds
Mode Toggle Switch – Go between 2 delay textures, one is more lofi!


  • Analogue style Lofi Delay
  • True Bypass.
  • 9v DC Powered only (100mA, center negative).
  • Printed Enclosure.
  • Size: 120mm x 95mm x 38mm (1590BB Enclosure).
  • Hand-wired in the UK.

The internal volume control is mounted on the PCB to adjust the master volume if required.

Please note: new video with 2020 graphics coming soon…


  1. John

    Really interesting delay pedal, love the warmth and normal to freaky options involved. Mine is quite noisey when engaged, especially when my amp is turned up, wondering if that is the lofi nature of it? Going to be a fun pedal to mess around with.

    • Raygun FX

      Hi John, Thanks for the comment.
      I’d Like to check you are using a 9v 200mA power supply, if the mA rating is higher, you may get background noise.
      Also, you may find the internal volume needs to be turned down to get the best Volume and this will help with any background noise.
      Any problems or questions, please give me a shout! – All the best, Steve.

  2. Chris Ward (verified owner)

    Awesome pedal! So much fun. Easy to create textures / layers. So much versatility and range in the controls. Top drawer!

  3. JB

    Re: the extra noise when engaged comment from 31st May – mine is noisey too, just assumed it was the “lo-fi thang”. So there’s an internal volume pot? Easy to spot when taking the back off? Is there a danger of turning it down too low, a kind of trial and error scenario? Great pedal though, recently sold my Boss DD7 to have some fun times with this one instead.

    • Raygun FX

      Hi Jonny! – Thanks for the feedback.
      On some settings (and the different modes) the delay will be more lofi. You may find tweaking the internal pot will help with how distorted it is.

      If you open up the back, there is a small pot. (It’s blue with a white circle which you turn). Don’t worry, you won’t damage anything by adjusting this! Have a little tweak of it and see how it works for you.

      Any questions, please get in touch.
      All the best, Steve

  4. taca

    GOT the used one,Aurora V2 two months ago.

    Sounds are so good for me, who is a freak of TAPE ECHOES TONE.

    Short SW is really nice for TRIPLETs interpretation.

    MY usage is below, what u only have to do is TURN B knob as you like.

    Bld:❶20:00 as tape echo BOOST simulate
    ❷ 13:30 as DG LEAD sound of the DARKSIDE

    I’m seriously cosidering GET ANOTHER unit!!!

  5. paul_vip66 (verified owner)

    If not the best Aurora is definitely one of the most versatile pedals with lots of options
    Slap back echo, space tunes, excellent with fuzz buts mostly in clean amp is pure heaven

    Highly recommended also for it is built like a tank
    Already in my main board Aurora came to stay

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