Vintage Booster


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Raygun FX – Vintage Guitar Booster pedal.
Useful for solo boosts, heavier/louder sections, or even to pump up your clean sound, also great for driving a tube amp into natural overdrive!


  • 9v DC powered
  • Use with Guitar, Bass or keyboard!
  • Has a punchy ‘tube’ like quality, could be used as a pre-amp to warm up a dull guitar sound
  • Give some life to quiet pickups
  • One knob ‘Boost’ control
  • Small enclosure size 1590B (110mm x 60mm x 35mm)
  • Hand made in the UK
  • True Bypass
  • Vintage style control knobs



  1. Paul

    I saw the video on you tube and was impressed by the enhancement of the original signal. Just put it on my pedal board. It brings to life even what you think is a good sound. Its like a shot in the arm for your existing pedals. Think it of a enhancement filter to boost your harmonics and dynamics. Can’t recommend it enough.

    • Raygun FX

      Thank you so much Paul!

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