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Raygun FX – EchoHead: Tape Delay with Modulation.

Shipping from 4th November – I am making a small batch of these and would love to hear everyone’s feedback on them!

Looking for a Vintage Reel-to-Reel style delay? Introducing the Raygun FX Echohead Delay with Modulation.

Why is Tape Delay Cool?
With Tape Delay, the repeats aren’t perfect like Digital Delays.
Each repeat degrades in quality and with the Modulation/Warp mode, you can make the pitch of the repeats flutter, just like how tape would.

Delay: Speed, Blend & Feedback.
Warp: Modulation Depth & Rate.
Filter: Adjust the EQ/Tone of the Delay.
Squash: Compress the delay tails, and stop the delay from going to full oscillation.

Two footswitches:
Footswitch to turn FX on/off.
The second Footswitch is to turn Modulation on/off.

You can achieve a Chorus/Flutter effect by turning the delay speed to zero (fully left).

Internal trim pots for input gain and output volume.
By adjusting the input gain you can achieve a cleaner or dirtier delay.

Enclosure dimensions:
1590XX Size: (145 x 121mm)


  1. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Got mine about a year and a half ago. I enjoy dialing everything in until it feels right for the setting. Tap tempo has its place, but this is a great sounding echo like what tape heads sound like. I really like using it in subtle ways to color my tone without really having a noticeable echo. Versatile pedal in my opinion. Besides the pedal, Steve is an awesome guy who really helped me out thru the buying and shipping process and answered all my annoying questions. Very cool guy. Highly recommend. – Cheers

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