New for 2016, the MEATROPOLIS is a filthy, thick Fuzz.

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The Raygun FX MEATROPOLIS is a thick, nasty, synthy, velco-like Fuzz.  The large tone control sweep will take the fuzz from smooth Stoner Rock, to a Crunchy bite!

The MEATROPOLIS could be considered the darker fuzz brother to our Super Fuzz Bender MkIII, and provides a delicious, glitchy Fuzz with a thick low end. It’s awesome for Guitar and Bass!

  • Fuzz, Tone and Volume controls
  • Standard 9v DC powered
  • Guitar or Bass Fuzz distortion pedal
  • Vintage control dials
  • True Bypass
  • Hand Made in the UK
  • New harder wearing vinyl artwork


Bit of Bass through the Meatropolis. Who knows the riff? #bassfuzz

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  1. I was just wondering about the pedal’s video. I realise this isn’t supposed to be on here but is you are using solid-state or valve and is the amp cranked or not as that will affect whether I can really use the fuzz pedal as shown in the video? I love the pedal btw, a bit like a half-way house between a russian and a triangle Muff!

    • Hey there Stephen!
      It was recorded using an Orange CR120 which is a transistor amp. It’s pretty clean and at low volumes too (I recorded that demo at home!)

      I hope that helps!
      Thanks again,

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