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Raygun FX – EchoHead: Tape Delay with Modulation.

B-stock: Enclosure is blemished/artwork has small imperfections.


[box type=”info”]2022 – It’s finally BACK!
I’ve made some small updates, including adding a Master Volume control, longer Feedback range, larger Tone control plus Compression/Clipping LED indicator.


Looking for a Vintage Reel-to-Reel style delay? Introducing the Raygun FX ECHOHEAD Delay.

Why is Tape Delay Cool?
With Tape Delay, the repeats aren’t perfect like Digital Delays. Each repeat degrades in quality, which blur into each other creating a unique delay flavour.
Combined with the Modulation/Warp mode, you can make the pitch of the repeats flutter, just like how tape would.
You can achieve a Chorus/Flutter effect by turning the delay speed to zero (fully left). Adjust the RATE, DEPTH and FEEDBACK to get some cool Modulated sounds!

Delay: Speed, Blend & Feedback.
Warp: Modulation Depth & Rate.
Filter: Adjust the EQ/Tone of the Delay.
Squash: Compress the delay tails, and controls the Echohead from going to extreme oscillation.
Volume: – The new update includes the Master volume control on the side.

Internal trim pots:
Inside there are 2 additional controls to tweak. Gain and Modulation Warp.
By adjusting the Gain, you can achieve a cleaner or dirtier delay. Warp will affect the modulation range.

Two footswitches:
Bypass Footswitch – Turns the Echohead on/off.
Modulation Footswitch –  Toggle Modulation on/off.

Enclosure dimensions:
1590XX Size: (145 x 121mm)


Below is a video of the 2019 model. New video to come soon.


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