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The Avalanche Soda is our collaboration with Zander Circuitry

The pedal is a dual overdrive that combines our Soda Drive + with an expanded version of the Crunch circuit from Zander’s Avalanche pedal.

The Right Side:
An expanded crunch circuit from Zander’s Avalanche pedal with tweaked EQ, and added tone stack & bias control for the transistor.
The circuit now has more of a full frequency response, with a breakup reminiscent of an old tweed style tube amp.
The tone stack is great for cutting out some of the high end and the bias control lets you get some pseudo fuzz tones by making things spitty/gated.
On top of that there’s also a three way toggle that gives you different clipping options (Germanium, Silicon & None).

The Left Side:
The Soda Drive+ is Raygun’s flagship, op-amp based overdrive/distortion pedal, this circuit is great for getting a nice drive from even the cleanest of amps!
The wide-ranging gain & tone controls make the Soda Drive+ amazingly versatile, offering everything from a bluesy crunch to a thick, meaty distortion that is truly unique.
The same 3 way clipping toggle offers even more versatility with germanium, silicon & no diode options. With the clipping diodes removed the circuit turns into a great dirty boost, perfect for pushing an already overdriven amp.

Order Switcher Toggle:
Switching around the order of the effects when they’re both on makes a huge difference to the response & texture of the drive. With the toggle down the effects run right to left (Avalanche Crunch into Soda Drive), flip the toggle up and the effect switch order.

Free Poster:
Every purchase of the Avalanche Soda comes with a free A3 graphic poster print designed specifically for the launch of this pedal!

  • Two stackable Drives
  • FX ‘Order Swap’ toggle switch
  • True Bypass
  • 9v DC Powered (100mA, center negative).
  • Hand wired in the UK

Check out Zander’s prototype demo video:


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