Tap tempo footswitch

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Raygun FX Tap Tempo foot switch pedal.

  • Non-Latching (Normally open) momentary foot switch*
  • Soft, non-click footswitch
  • 1x mono output – (goes to effect tap tempo output).
  • Works with Boss Delays and other popular effects with TEMPO/TAP outputs.
  • Useful for controlling delay speeds by simply ‘tapping’ the tempo.
  • Small size – 1590A enclosure  – 92mm x 38mm x 30mm.
  • Aluminium, High Quality and Robust with rubber feet.
  • FS-5U Alternative

*Non-latching Momentary footswitch works when you tap or press and hold down, also called “Normally open”. 

We offer a Latching footswitch, suitable for amps here




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