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Raygun Fx – Red Buffer for Guitar or Bass. 


Get back your tone!

  • In a 1590A Enclosure (93mm X 39mm x 30mm)
  • Based on the Klon Buffer
  • The Buffer transparently lifts the signal back up, giving to full tone with longer leads
  • Try it before your pedals to get more from your FX!
  • 9v DC input
  • Red power Led
  • Input/Output
  • No switch, just leave on!
  • Hand made, Hand wired by Raygun FX
  • Please allow up to 5 days for build and dispatch

What is a Buffer?

Basically…As your signal chain of Guitar leads, Pedals, patch leads, then another lead to you amp, etc gets longer,  you start to lose the treble in your guitar signal. Your Guitar and FX Pedals may sound muddy and dull. (Try plugin your guitar straight into your amp with a short lead to compare.)

Check out this Information about Impedance and Buffers for some information on why this happens.

This Pete Cornish Case against True Bypass Article may do something to explain why a little buffer stompbox may be something useful to you.

Additional information

Dimensions 93 × 39 × 30 cm


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