Aurora Lofi Delay V2 (B-stock)

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We have a limited batch that have been UV printed, but due to a misprint they have no black background. That is the only issue!
The pedal is new and works like the standard stock. – Limited stock, once they’re gone, that’s it!

New for 2016! Redesigned with some new features, the Aurora Lofi Delay returns with deeper delays, updated Mix control and some new features.

Designed for lovers of analogue delays, the Aurora V2 provides warm vintage delay tones, 2 delay speeds (Short-medium & long) and the new addition of the Space control, which allows you to send the delay into deeper delays or oscillating feedback using a momentary foot switch!

Mix – Updated blend control
Feedback – Amount of delay repeats
Speed – Time of the delay
Space – Tweaks the amount off the ‘Space’ sustain.

Space (momentary foot switch) – Press and hold the Space foot switch to engage an almost infinite feedback, sustaining your delay until you step off the foot switch. From subtle to insane!
Speed Toggle Switch – Go between Short and Long delay speeds
Mode Toggle Switch – Go between 2 delay textures, one is more lofi!


  • 9v DC powered
  • Analogue style Lofi Delay
  • True Bypass
  • Hand Wired in the UK
  • Dimensions: 1590BB Enclosure (120mm x 95mm x 36mm)
  • UV Printed graphics

An internal Volume control is mounted on the PCB to adjust the master volume if required.


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