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“From an amp like bluesy crunch to a thicker, meatier distortion, and adds its own unique tonal flavor to any guitar and amp setup”

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Raygun FX – Soda Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal

From a slight Blues drive to full on meaty Distortion, this pedal is great for getting a nice drive from even the cleanest of amps!


  • Volume, Tone and Distortion
  • 9v DC Powered
  • True Bypass
  • Guitar or Bass Distortion
  • Hand Make Guitar Fx Pedal
  • Vintage control dials
  • Rubber grip feet
  • True Bypass
  • Quality jack input/output

You can Read Pedal of the Day’s review of the Soda Drive

Jack Fossett​’s description of the Soda Drive:

“The Raygun FX Soda Drive is a powerful stomp box that can go from an amp like bluesy crunch to a thicker, meatier distortion, and adds its own unique tonal flavor to any guitar and amp setup, while still maintaining the integrity of your base tone. This is an overdrive in every sense of the words. You won’t get any clean boost from this pedal, nor will you want to with its rich saturation.”


Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol/Little Matador)
Jacknife Lee (Musician/Producer)


Thanks for Jack Fossett for this great video! <.br>


  1. lovely sounding distortion. I play mainly heavy rock and this is perfect for my needs. Good clear tone and powerful distortion. Great buy. Maybe I’ll get another for a slight distortion.

  2. (verified owner)

    I’m a singer-songwriter and most of my songs fall on the mellow side. However, I wrote a few songs that needed a little extra punch and a dirtier sound. This FX pedal worked like a charm. I’m able to control the amount of distortion I need and I’m having fun with all the various sounds I get out of it by trying different picking techniques. It’s very responsive and has a beautiful sustain. Can’t wait to gig with it!

  3. I love this pedal. Absolutely love it. The tone I get while using the Soda Drive is incredible. For a distortion pedal I was impressed with the clarity this thing has. I frequently use it for lead boosting. Combined with my Soul Food I couldn’t ask for more. Definitely worth the cost. Since I’ve played on it for a few months now I’m reminded of the old Blues Breaker circuits of acdc era music. Love it! This pedal will be on my board for years to come.

  4. Such a nice sounding drive!

  5. (verified owner)

    This pedal is awesome. I use it in on my board as a low gain drive pedal and it does the job more than perfectly! It looks wicked, its made well, and it will be on my board for many years to come! I highly recommend the soda drive.

    • Thank you Jonny! That’s awesome to hear! Would love to see a pic or a video sometime 🙂

  6. (verified owner)

    Nice little pedal, goes from overdrive to distortion and all points in between. Drives my valve amp a treat and gives my tranny amp a nice crunchy sound, far better than the dirty channel. Might have to move it from my small board onto my main board.

  7. I recently got the Soda Drive + and I’m very impressed by this pedal. My favorite setting is the Standard Soda Drive Distortion, pretty much the best sounding overdrive/distortion I’ve found in a long time. Very natural and amp-like, plus it sounds amazing with single coil pickups (the neck pickup in particular).

    The other settings, Booster Mode and Germanium Diode, are great to have as well, although there is this slight fizz sound almost above the notes, if that makes sense. Kind of like this fizzy halo that gives single notes and chords a little extra edge. Overall, this is a great pedal with with plenty of punch to it.

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