Dual Tap Tempo Delay footswitch


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Raygun Fx Dual Tap Tempo footswitch for guitar fx pedals. (Momentary / non-latching Footswitch)
Control two delay pedals, drum triggers and an channels with this double foot switch pedal

Plug in to an existing fx pedal (ie a Delay pedal with a TAP input) to use such features as: Tap tempo, trigger samples, change settings. Also works as a remote for many DAWs to allow you ‘punch in’ during a recording via footswitch.

NEW – Stereo jack option to work with such pedals as BOSS RC-1

  • 2x Footswitches.
  • Soft non-click switches.
  • 2x mono output OR 1x stereo output (for BOSS RC-1 etc)
  • Enclosed in a 1590b aluminium case.
  • 110mm x 60mm x 55mm.
  • No power required.
  • Will also work with some digital amps channel selectors.


Additional information

Jack Outputs

1 Stereo Output, 2 Mono Outputs


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