Blue Fuzz


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Raygun FX’s most popular pedal! – The BLUE FUZZ

The Blue Fuzz is a Silicon & Germanium Fuzz/Distortion. Use the gain to soar from Smooth slight Distortion to beast-like Fuzz

  • Controls: Vol & Fuzz
  • Slight distortion to full on Fuzz
  • 9v DC Powered
  • Blue LED
  • Rubber grip feet
  • Quality clicking Jack input/output


  1. As a musician who’s sound is completely dependant on the use of Fuzz pedals (I use three fuzz’s at a time) I always look for cool, independent, underground pedal companies capable of providing crazy and interesting sounds and the ‘Blue fuzz’ is most definitely one of those pedals. It’s completely unique tone is so good for post punk, rock and roll, grunge and garage rock types of music.. It’s also pretty awesome to look at. I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking for a unique, cool sound.

  2. (verified owner)

    Fantastic bit of kit ..This gave me the 70’s type sound I desired and for the price excellent value highly recommended and its hand-built as well

  3. Hey mate, question: out of your three big fuzz pedals (Beef box, Super fuzz bender and the blue fuzz here) which out of the three do you think would work best with your booster pedal to provide a heavy, modern rock/grunge sound, something like this:
    Cheers for being so helpful, continue putting out great pedals!

    • Hey man! Just on a quick listen, and Im guessing you mean by that fuzzy lead bit of the song, I would suggest the octavia phuzz as its a bit more spluttery, but the blue fuzz might come close!

      Thanks a lot

  4. (verified owner)

    I came across this pedal on instagram when searching fuzz pedals. I seen it pop up a few times and was intrigues by the artwork design., I was sold on the first viewing of the demo.

    I have many fuzz pedals and have to say this feels and responds very differently to everything else I own, I use it with an 88 American strat with singe coils through a Fender Hot rod deluxe and and it really gives a thumping feeling when playing. Some fuzz type pedals are a little hard to control but these seems easy and I can definitely see it being used in my live rig because of this,

    The pedal was delivered quickly, the communication i had through Facebook was great and it even arrived in a nice little box, all looked super professional.

    Can’t recommend this pedal enough and will be back to try out the other pedals by ray gun.

    Bring on the Fuzz!

  5. Just plugged this little beast in and it blew my balls off! What a great pedal for a small price! Will be on my board for a long time


  6. (verified owner)

    This is the first fuzz pedal of mine that has managed to stay on my board for more than a couple of weeks. I usually like the idea of a fuzz sound initially but then after a while get restless with it and trade or sell it – not this one. It’s so subtle when it needs to be (I recommend playing around with the volume knob, not not only the fuzz knob) and can get real angry along with amp distortion and/or dirt/boost pedals you already happen to own.

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