Bass Driver


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A Slight Overdrive for Bass, it’s also transparent so no loss of your bass tone.
The growl switch adds a bit more bite when driving the pedal at high levels!

  • Volume and Drive controls
  • Growl Mode switch for extra bite
  • Transparent Drive, No loss of your Bass tone.
  • 9v DC powered
  • For Bass Guitar, but why not try a Synth or guitar through it?
  • Hand made in the UK


  1. (verified owner)

    If you’re after a boost pedal with additional dirt tones this is for you! It’s build like a tank, sounds great and has aesthetics to match, this is a straight up winner in my opinion. Highly recommendedI

    What are you waiting for… Go and BUY IT!!!

  2. (verified owner)

    This is an amazing pedal that really emphasises all the good parts about your bass tone and a very decent overdrive that doesn’t get lost in the mix. i was a little apprehensive about buying a pedal online due to some bad experiences with other manufacturers, but this is the real deal. The vol control actually improved the quality of my bass tone and the overdrive control is spot-on: warm, cutting but in no way harsh or too trebly – it really does presserve the low end of your sound. Excellent quality, great sounding overdrive for most styles of music (apart from Metal maybe?) even on solid state amps. Oh, and it’s really low noise too. Thoroughly recommend!

  3. (verified owner)

    This pedal blows a lot of others I’ve used straight out of the proverbial water! It can do anything from gnarly synth-like fuzz sounds to classic SVT style overdrive. I use a heartless, lightweight, high wattage head with a small cab, and this pedal completely transforms my sound. Its one of those pedals that you can just leave on all the time.

    You should go get one… two. You should get two!

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